Houston Childbirth Classes

Another amazing Birth Boot Camp series began in Houston last night. It is not too late to join in! There is still space available for the next two weeks if anyone wants to take a top-notch childbirth class.

I have been teaching childbirth classes since 2014, but I still get those first-night jitters. I am always excited to learn about the couples who join the class. I love how they get to know each other throughout the series and start to relax more as we progress through each class. I can see their confidence grow. I always find it interesting how most people come to Class 1 nervous about birth and by the end of Class 10, they are excited.

Birth Boot Camp has really grown over the past several years. It has gone through many changes and has developed some new and exciting classes. I have listed the new classes I will begin offering this year in more detail under the Services & Pricing page. The current Birth Boot Camp series will be my last Comprehensive (10 week) course for 2018. I will offer the 6 week Hospital course for the rest of the year. I am very excited about helping people prepare to have an amazing birth in the hospital setting.

These classes always come full-circle. On Saturday we were finally able to have our reunion for the Summer 2017 group. I love meeting the new babies and seeing the new parents in action. They are amazing! At the end of every single Class 1, I worry if the couples will bond. I worry if they will feel comfortable in the class. I worry if what they learn will be helpful to them on the big day. By the end of Class 10, and then again at the class reunions, I wonder why I worried in the first place. They are excited to see each other and swap advice and stories.

And so it will be with our newest group of Birth Boot Camp students. Join us!

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