Now Offering Birth Chat Sessions in Houston

Have you ever wanted to pick a doula’s brain about your birth but did not want to hire a doula to attend your birth? In these sessions, we meet to answer any and all questions you have regarding your upcoming birth.

In these sessions, we can:

  • Create a stellar birth plan
  • Discuss policies and procedures at your chosen birth location that can influence your birth outcomes
  • Formulate strategies to help you have the best birth possible
  • explore blockages that might be preventing you from going into labor in a timely manner
  • talk about any fears and concerns you have about your upcoming birth
  • work on mindset, motivation, and affirmations to help you feel excited and ready to face any birth outcome
  • And more…

You bring the questions. I bring the answers.

Each session takes approximately 1 hours and takes place online via Zoom.

Fee: $50/hr

*Should you decide you would like to work with me as your doula our session(s) together, I will apply any Birth Planning Session fees toward your doula services balance.

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