How to make a super easy potty training chart

File this under “Things I Said I Would Never Do,” but I finally broke down and made Child #3 a Potty Chart. I always wanted my children to be intrinsically motivated to use the potty, but it isn’t really happening for Child #3. While we were finally able to help this child learn how to use the potty, he ultimately couldn’t care less where he does his business. He’s just as happy going in his pants as he is going in the potty. I figure that at some point, the sensation of having wet or poopy pants would become icky, but it just isn’t happening. I’m baffled because he is already pretty particular about where he goes to potty. He absolutely WILL NOT go outside. I’ve invited him to run around naked outside and pee to his heart’s content. I’ve even said, “Hey go pee in the garden! Look at those fun trees to pee on.” Big fat nope. I just don’t understand why I hear stories of boys peeing anywhere and everywhere, why I’ve even witnessed boys peeing right outside the entrance to the local Chuck E. Cheese, but my boy refuses to even get naked outside, much less go potty outside.

The boy knows what to do. He just would rather not. So I’ve finally succumbed to finding out his currency (video game time) and having him earn it by using the potty a certain amount of time. The basic idea is if he uses the potty, he gets video game time. It has worked pretty well so far, and he seems to enjoy putting his stickers on the chart.

Because I am not really crafty, I needed to find something super cute and super easy to make. It turned out pretty great, and I made most of it while I cooked dinner. I like crafts that I can complete in an hour or less, so depending on whether or not you want to include bells and whistles, this probably won’t take longer than an hour or two to make.

potty training chart supplies
I found these super cute stickers at Walmart. 


Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

Magnetic Strips

Stickers of your choice

Laminator and laminating sheets


Super simple. Place stickers on a laminating sheet (or 2 or 3 depending on how many stickers you want to use). Laminate them. Cut them out. Place magnetic strips on back of the now-laminated stickers. Place on board every time your child does his or her business.

My girls wanted to help me, so one of them was able to help me cut out the stickers after they were laminated and the other helped put magnets on the back of the stickers.

And there you have it, my friends. A super easy potty training chart.

potty training chart affirmation
One of my girls left a sweet note of encouragement for her brother. He insists we NOT erase it. 



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