Services & Pricing

Doula Services

Birth Doula Support – $1000

I offer one (1) free consultation to see if we are a good match, two (2) meetings in your home before the birth to build a relationship and learn exactly what you need to have an amazing birth, continuous support during labor and immediately postpartum, and one (1) meeting in your home approximately two (2) weeks after baby arrives. Workbook included.

Virtual Doula Support – $500

This package includes all of the above, except services are provided virtually. We use phone calls, texting, and face-to-face virtual support services such as Zoom during your birth. Digital workbook included.

Educational Offerings

Build your own birth class with the following workshops designed to help you prepare for your best birth. Each workshop can be custom designed to fit your educational needs and schedule. Courses run roughly four hours and can be taken all at once or broken into several sessions. All courses take place via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Natural Birth Basics – $75

Are you planning a natural birth? This course is for you! A few possible course topics include: Anatomy and physiology of labor, hormones of labor and how to help them work for you, how to communicate with your birth team to get the most out of your experience, how to know when to head to the birth facility, mental preparation for labor, comfort measures for labor, and more.

Rock Your Birth Basics -$75

This course is for anyone planning to have an enjoyable birth experience, with or without medical interventions. A few possible course topics include everything mentioned above as well as: the ins and outs of labor induction and how it is a game changer, epidurals, how to get the most out of having one, and how to keep labor progressing with one, how to push out a baby and how long does it last, how to know you really need a Cesarean birth, how to make any birth special, and more.

New Parent Basics -$75

You’ve prepared for birth. Have you prepared for having a baby at home? This class is all about baby and being a new parent. Possible topics include: infant feeding methods, safe sleep options, looking out for postpartum mood disorders and where to find help, returning to a sex life, postpartum relationship changes, postpartum body changes, and more.

Additional Services

Birth Chat Sessions – $50 per session $25 per session during COVID pandemic 

Have you ever wanted to pick a doula’s brain about your birth but did not want to hire a doula to attend your birth? In these sessions, we meet to answer any and all questions you have regarding your upcoming birth. We can:

  • create a stellar birth plan
  • discuss policies and procedures at your chosen birth location that can influence your birth outcomes
  • formulate strategies to help you have the best birth possible
  • explore blockages that might be preventing you from going into labor in a timely manner
  • talk about any fears and concerns you have about your upcoming birth
  • work on mindset, motivation, and affirmations to help you feel excited and ready to face any birth outcome
  • and more…

This session takes approximately 1 hour and we meet online via Zoom.


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